The New Year is here and with it the nagging guilt of our holiday over indulgence.

Diet time……but good news before you start starving yourself, try getting a good nights sleep. A new study shows that sleep that might actually help you shed excess body fat.

The Annals of Internal Medicine looked at 10 overweight but otherwise healthy adults who were on moderate calorie-restricted diets.

Some of the participants were assigned to sleep 5.5 hours each night in the closed research environment, while others were assigned 8.5 hours of shut-eye time.

After two weeks, the longer sleepers had lost 56 per cent more body fat than the more wakeful group.

Meanwhile, the sleep-restricted people were more inclined to lose lean body mass, not a desirable outcome.

The researchers also found that lack of sleep increased blood levels of Ghrelin, a hormone that helps stimulate hunger and food intake.

This explains why the sleep-deprived participants also reported feeling hungrier during the study.

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