Just what to do with the hallway? Do you have a narrow hallway with several rooms leading off it and very little natural light? Or maybe you have a huge open space that you can’t fill. Well, this week we’re putting on our thinking caps to come up with the best tips for making the most out of your entry area. It’s been the most neglected room in the house for most of us, with design and decoration often overlooked, even though it’s the first thing that our visitors see and you know what they say about first impressions…..

First of all, consider your lighting. It makes all the difference in an enclosed space such as a hallway. Don’t be dependent on pendant ceiling lights as your only source of lighting  as it can be harsh and not functional. Instead play with both ambient and accent lighting to compliment it. Go for softer pools of light with table lamps and spot lighting whether your hall is large or small. Lighting is a relatively small investment but it will make all the difference to your “new look”

Mirrors are a great way of giving the illusion of space. If your space is very small use a mirror without a frame – either all mirror or Venetian style, to maximise reflection. Another great trick is to hang your mirror lengthways as most hallways are long and narrow. This gives a greater sense of dimension and balance. It’s also good for checking yourself out last thing before you step out into the worldJ

If you’re not short on space use one large mirror for a classier look instead of using a few smaller ones.

Make sure to keep your hallway light and bright by using neutral shades. However, if you really love a strong colour and are confident that you won’t tire of it then we say “go for it”. For the rest of us, introduce your favourite colours with pictures, accessories and a nice rug. It’s also best to keep the colours consistent in the adjoining rooms – this makes the hall feel like an integral part of the house and it creates a nice flow.

When it comes to furniture, don’t be afraid to have some fun. For small halls there are some great small console tables out there. You can also use floating shelves for storage or accessories. If you have a large space, don’t be bound by console tables. Why not consider a sideboard instead, it’s a great storage solution. You could also create a work station under the stairs with a desk and chair or maybe a chaise longue or bench would work there. Don’t worry too much about matching all the wood in the hall – as long as they work together it’s ok to have some variation or indeed a contrast can work well too, for example oak and walnut.

Our last tip is one of the most important – remember to declutter. Place hooks at different levels for adults and children – name tags can add a personal touch. Alternatively, use a good coat stand. Keep boots and shoes out of the hall unless you’re very organised and have a designated storage area for them.

We’d love to put our ideas into action so send us pictures of your hallways and we’ll help you to make an entrance to be proud of!

We’d love to put our ideas into action so send us pictures of your hallways and we’ll help you to make an entrance to be proud of!