Storage Ideas

Image While were patiently waiting for our summer to arrive why not use the time to do some re organizing around the house. So when  the sun comes out you  can go enjoy life outdoors guilt free. Great storage starts with great de cluttering You will feel so so much better when you have it done, honest.

  •  Target one area at a time. Deciding to de clutter your entire home in an afternoon is a tad unrealistic. So take it room by room and you will get there.
  • Be ruthless, I know sifting through lots of sentimental items is time consuming. Be honest and try to remember the last time you went looking for, though of any of the items youare sotring was probably the last time you tried to do a clear  out!
  • Resist, resist, resist the temptation to set aside a pile to think about. Ask yourself whether you need and want to keep it. If you hesitate, the answer is no!
  • Anytime you buy something new, even furniture, remember the “in-out” rule whereby for every new item you get you have to part of an old item.
  • There really is no need to keep bundles of bills and paper work. Switching to paperless billing is a great way of helping the environment and eliminating a build up of unnecessary bills in your home. Most of our bills are available online, so we don’t need it on paper too!
  • Remember there are plenty of charities who would love some  of the items you no longer need.

Once you have de cluttered, you can have some fun creating  great storage to make sure you don’t to accumulating more stuff. The more practical and accessible you make your storage the great the likelihood there is you’ll stay on top of it. If its attractive and pretty it does help too


Just a little imaginations can transform mundane every day objects in to useful colourful storage. Here’s old crates painted in a myriad of pastel colours and wall mounted to make very attractive funky hallway storaImagege.

These have been left as is. everything on them can be seen at a glance.


For a display-worthy bookcase, organize paperbacks in pretty baskets. Group like books together (by author, genre, etc.) and put labels on the baskets so books are easy to find.


Jam Jars make ideal storage for nick nacs. Simply screw the lid underneath shelf and your ready to go.


Put your matching linen sets inside pillow cases and save lots of time trying to match sets.


Wall provide lots of unused storage space. Turn display shelves into open storage by adding hooks or decorative knobs below the shelf.Image


Old suitcases are a lovely way to store your more treasured items. Just tag the cases and you have a beautiful display.


Wall mounted filing, so much better than mounds of paper on counter tops. Aim to have one for every member of the home.


Under beds can be a dumping ground. Make the most of the space with old drawers that have been revamped with coasters on the corner.


Use Kitchen Tools . Spice up your kid’s bedroom with baking tools as storage accessories. Here rolling pins work as accessory hooks, baking trays create a magnet board, and muffin tins hold tiny trinkets. Add curtains to shelving to hide it on the days when things are just not as neat as you would like.


All-Around storage the secret to this storage-packed bedroom is providing lots of organization space without making things look cluttered. Under bed drawers and hidden headboard shelves store items inconspicuously.


Now its time for me to go off and do some sorting myself.  Happy de cluttering, have a great weekend.

Vanessa x


Forget the diets, get a good nights sleep instead!!

The New Year is here and with it the nagging guilt of our holiday over indulgence.

Diet time……but good news before you start starving yourself, try getting a good nights sleep. A new study shows that sleep that might actually help you shed excess body fat.

The Annals of Internal Medicine looked at 10 overweight but otherwise healthy adults who were on moderate calorie-restricted diets.

Some of the participants were assigned to sleep 5.5 hours each night in the closed research environment, while others were assigned 8.5 hours of shut-eye time.

After two weeks, the longer sleepers had lost 56 per cent more body fat than the more wakeful group.

Meanwhile, the sleep-restricted people were more inclined to lose lean body mass, not a desirable outcome.

The researchers also found that lack of sleep increased blood levels of Ghrelin, a hormone that helps stimulate hunger and food intake.

This explains why the sleep-deprived participants also reported feeling hungrier during the study.

One of the key things to ensure a good night’s sleep is a good mattress.  So why not drop in and visit us in Vobe and we will be more than happy to guide you through our range of mattresses all of which are on special offer at the minute

Make an entrance!

Just what to do with the hallway? Do you have a narrow hallway with several rooms leading off it and very little natural light? Or maybe you have a huge open space that you can’t fill. Well, this week we’re putting on our thinking caps to come up with the best tips for making the most out of your entry area. It’s been the most neglected room in the house for most of us, with design and decoration often overlooked, even though it’s the first thing that our visitors see and you know what they say about first impressions…..

First of all, consider your lighting. It makes all the difference in an enclosed space such as a hallway. Don’t be dependent on pendant ceiling lights as your only source of lighting  as it can be harsh and not functional. Instead play with both ambient and accent lighting to compliment it. Go for softer pools of light with table lamps and spot lighting whether your hall is large or small. Lighting is a relatively small investment but it will make all the difference to your “new look”

Mirrors are a great way of giving the illusion of space. If your space is very small use a mirror without a frame – either all mirror or Venetian style, to maximise reflection. Another great trick is to hang your mirror lengthways as most hallways are long and narrow. This gives a greater sense of dimension and balance. It’s also good for checking yourself out last thing before you step out into the worldJ

If you’re not short on space use one large mirror for a classier look instead of using a few smaller ones.

Make sure to keep your hallway light and bright by using neutral shades. However, if you really love a strong colour and are confident that you won’t tire of it then we say “go for it”. For the rest of us, introduce your favourite colours with pictures, accessories and a nice rug. It’s also best to keep the colours consistent in the adjoining rooms – this makes the hall feel like an integral part of the house and it creates a nice flow.

When it comes to furniture, don’t be afraid to have some fun. For small halls there are some great small console tables out there. You can also use floating shelves for storage or accessories. If you have a large space, don’t be bound by console tables. Why not consider a sideboard instead, it’s a great storage solution. You could also create a work station under the stairs with a desk and chair or maybe a chaise longue or bench would work there. Don’t worry too much about matching all the wood in the hall – as long as they work together it’s ok to have some variation or indeed a contrast can work well too, for example oak and walnut.

Our last tip is one of the most important – remember to declutter. Place hooks at different levels for adults and children – name tags can add a personal touch. Alternatively, use a good coat stand. Keep boots and shoes out of the hall unless you’re very organised and have a designated storage area for them.

We’d love to put our ideas into action so send us pictures of your hallways and we’ll help you to make an entrance to be proud of!

We’d love to put our ideas into action so send us pictures of your hallways and we’ll help you to make an entrance to be proud of!

Back by Popular Demand


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Radiator brushes and Ecco balls are back by popular demand. At the rate they were selling at the weekend, a lot of you are spring cleaning and we are almost sold out again.

For those of you who haven’t used either,  the Ecoballs replace regular detergent/soaps in the washing machine. They are a great new way to clean your clothes that is eco-friendly and can really save you money and water. 150 washes for €13.95 can’t be bad.

Radiator brushes are designed to reach and clean the innards of your radiator. They have been one of the best selling items we have ever had.

Spring Fairs!!


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Yeah… !!!!!!!!!, just finished the last of our spring buying fairs 🙂 

Birmingham was last week with over 20 halls of goodies. 

Have to say that we were pleasantly surprised as there was lots of great products on offer.  Definitely a very pretty feminine /vintage vibe about.

But be warned, if you not a baking or the perfect domestic goddess that’s all that is about to change… in virtually ever hall, even the Christmas hall there were cupcakes, hints and recipes. 

Sorry we were too busy buying lots of other stuff to take many pictures 

We’re really excited with the thought of our new stock and cant wait for it to start arriving in the coming weeks

Last Few Days of our Winter Sale!!!


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 We are on the final countdown on our winter sale.  Thankfully we have had a great start to 2010 with lots of our bargains already snapped up.  

This weekend there is an additional 10% off all bed linen giving a minimum savings of 30%. 

 To make room for the new models ordered at the shows we have further discounts on some floor models across all departments. Let us know if you are looking for something in particular and we can send you more information.  

For a more contemporary look this Ovalis table & 4 Jackpots chairs are great value at €445.  



Keeping it contemporary our glass nest at €185 and glass coffee table at €160 is exceptional value.

Spring Trade Fairs


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Halfway through the spring trade fairs. Last week was Paris, and Birmingham.  In Paris there was definitely no sign of recession with the French and the Italian’s buying all round them. Surprisingly Birmingham was upbeat.  Much smaller than previous years and a lot less to walk. Those who did exhibit brought some exciting market driven products (as soon as we get our orders and images sorted we will put them up). There were even a few new companies exhibiting for the first time. Rom, one of contemporary upholstery supplier has brought out new models which can virtually be made to measure.  


 Even John Shanky has brought out a more price sensitive chesterfield range.


  As for trends, most companies played safe with colour, choosing to show their models in more muted sellable colour. The only colour that was prevalent throughout was variations of aubergines and purples. 

Valentines Alert!!


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For those of you who want  to indulge,  have a look at our new range form sweet romance range, a definite show stopper. However for a amore fun affordable range check out the pieces just arrived from One Button. Not to be forgotten about are our every popular boxed sets with prices starting at €7.95 and the  really good news is that we still have 20 % off all jewlellery , even our new stock!!!

Sweet Romance

Boxed Range

One Button

Flower Power!!


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One of the big emerging trends this season is florals. Why not give a room a new lease of life with some of the new wallpaper we have just gotten in from Harlequin and Casamance. One we love is Tamika Miya. If your not feeling brave enough to do an entire room why not do a feature wall or panel as shown below.  Its an affordable and quick way to give your room a fresh new look.

If your not sure what wall to do or if a pattern is suitable, just send us pictures of your room and we will be more than happy to give you our input.


Why not continue the  floral theme through to the bedroom with one of  our vibrant  throws!

Catherine Bedlinen

Once again if you have any queries or need advice just drop us a line or pop in and see us, we would be happy to help.